Be healthy – be still

Dear readers,

I just had a wonderful encounter with one of our Ayurveda guests. A lady, well-known to me since many years, a blond, tall, German lady, who is desperately fighting to loose weight. In her green bathrobe she came strolling onto the breakfast terrace, totally absent minded with a certain air of boredom on her face. When she saw me she smiled and stopped at my table. I asked her whether she was alright and she answered, yes, absolutely and that she had just been looking into the nothingness, reflecting on the fact that during the 12 or 18 day course of Ayurveda treatments every morning is more or less the same. You get up, do some Yoga if you have a chance, get your box with your medicine (she looked down at her little transparent box that contained 3 liquids and various pills), thinking that you must be terribly ill if they make you take all that stuff, and you go and get your breakfast and your day goes on and away in this more or less always identical routine. She was laughing hard and happily and proceeded to have her breakfast.

And this brought me to think that even I found it “boring” sometimes in a way, especially if you have not reached the half of your cure, yet. But then on the other hand isn’t this exactly what we need? Some time away, some “boredom” in opposite to our hectic daily life at home. To live through a certain routine every single day, to not do anything “exciting” what we always so desperately aim for, to sleep, eat, drink, have massages and other treatments, breathe, do relaxing, toning exercise, not even read too much and just be? Not exist, but be. Be yourself, feel yourself, take some time for self-reflection, come back to connect your body with your mind and be introspective whilst enjoying the beauty of nature and the healing and cleansing that your body is going through. To make time for that I think is highly important. And it is a difficult task, maybe even more difficult than rushing through our busy days, running here and there, doing this and that, working, kids, cars, and so on.

Try it.

Become still.

Come into balance.

Get healthy.




Breaking News!

Dear audience,

as you all know I have over the last years published two books on the topic “Ayurveda at home” (Ayurveda zu Hause), which are though only available in Sri Lanka and through direct sales by myself.

The breaking news is that my third book will be published in Germany in March 2016 by Schirner Verlag, Germany!!!!

I will also be present at the ProVeGo, which takes place every year in the historic German city of Darmstadt.

As soon as all that work is successfully done I will also return to blogging more frequently – promise 🙂