Health food – Beluga Lentils

Good morning world,

yesterday I bought a wonderful packet of black, delicious Beluga lentils. They have a striking jet-black skin and a slightly nutty, less earthy taste than green lentils. Black lentils other than green lentils possess anthocyanins, the same potent antioxidants found in dark berries such as blue­berries and blackberries. Anthocyanins help to stymie free-radical cell damage, offering some protection from diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Like other legumes, black lentils are a nutrition dream, with impressive amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein—and a whopping nine grams of dietary fibre in a mere ¼ cup (60 mL) to keep you feeling full. Similar to green lentils, the black-hued ones contain only about 170 calories in a one-cup (250 mL) cooked serving. Black lentils take only 20 minutes to cook in a pot of simmering water until they are slightly tender. And unlike dried beans, lentils require no presoaking. (Quote: Besthealthmag).

They make an excellent base for fresh summer salads, for hearty soups, they taste fantastic with pork (which I do not recommend, I am just mentioning….!) and are wonderful with fish. You can prepare them in all kinds of ways, add aromatic herbs from the garden or just simply a bit of extra virgin olive oil and coarse sea salt. Cook them with curry powder or ad some creme fraiche for that fresh taste. A dash of lime is never a bad idea.

This wonderful lentil salad with prunes and goat cheese makes a healthy, light summer lunch:

You need

-> 200g Beluga lentils, 2 tsp chopped red onion, 400g prunes, 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 4 tbsp aceto balsamico, 250g goat       cheese, parsley and cayenne pepper.

Boil the lentils in 1l of water for about 15-20 minutes until they are soft. Drain and season with a bit of their boiling water and some vegetable broth.

Peel onions and cut to small cubes. Half the prunes, and cut them to slices. Heat the oil in a pan and steam the onions. Add prunes and steam for a little while longer. Season with aceto balsamico. Chop some parsley. Cut cheese into slices and prepare on a plate together with lentils and chopped parsley. Top with prune mixture, season with cayenne pepper and garnish with parsley.
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It is hot – adjust your food and lifestyle accordingly

Dear audience,

it is hot, yes dear, it is! And it did make me a bit lazy…but now I am back and I would like to post about the most obvious thing…how to behave during this heatwave that came over us.

You might have noticed that the hot weather decreases your appetite, you might even feel full easier. I could have spent days without food, just drinking, but that obviously is not a really healthy solution. Thing is that your body – opposite to cold times – does not need that much food since it does not burn so much in the attempt to keep the body warm. Obviously, in case you are doing hard physical work under the hot sun you need to eat and fill up on carbs just as well. Heat

In case you are not a mason for example and you do not have the fun job to tar a roof at 2 in the afternoon you have to adapt your eating habits to the climate. The key is to cut down on food, drink much more, and within that little food you eat fulfill the needs that your body has (vitamins, minerals, protein and a small amount of carbs). Eat essentially!

Have lots of fresh fruits, which provide you with vitamins, minerals, sugar (remember!!! So if you are on a diet prefer raw veggies!) and fiber. Eat fish and a minimum amount of carbohydrates. Listen carefully to your body, accept the lower demand of food and let him tell you what you need. Drink a lot of good quality mineral water, always at room temperature, cold drinks make you sweat even more since your body has to bring them up to his own temperature, green tea drank lukewarm maybe with a bit of fresh lemon juice is an excellent thirst quencher in case you get bored of water. If you decide to finish the day with a couple of nice, ice cold beers try to cancel dinner at all or to cut it down to a minimum at least. Same goes for ice cream. There are healthier versions of ice cream these days with organic ingredients, sugar free and and and. But remember that most of them are still quite heavy on the calorie side, so you might want to avoid dinner altogether if you decide to have an ice cream in the evening.

An example for a healthy meal plan could be as follows for example (just as a suggestion to give you an idea):

Breakfast: prepare a nice mixed fruit salad (e.g. with cantaloupe, pear, nectarine and apricots), mix it with a sugar free greek yogurt, add a small amount of organic oats or similar, some nuts, almonds and seeds and grated coconut, a dash of honey and there you go. This gives you enough energy to last until lunch for sure. Avoid to eat the fruit and yogurt fresh from the fridge!

Lunch: I personally prefer to have a cool lunch these days. This might be for example 2 good slices of multi-cereal wholegrain (if possible yeast free) bread. Add some salad leaves, a tomato, instead of butter use avocado and then some slices of roasted turkey or smoked salmon. If you prefer a warm lunch make a quick soup of mixed vegetables from the market and have the bread with it. The latter you could have easily every day from different veggies. Try to add some aromatic herbs from the garden. They are very healthy, can have disinfecting abilities and lots of minerals.

Dinner: A nice slice of salmon (essential fatty acids) or a piece of turkey breast quickly fried with mixed vegetables available now or some stir fried vegetables with a nice tofu steak are a great option for an early dinner, which will not weigh in your stomach like a brick once you go to bed.

For the rest: enjoy the beautiful summer, no one ever knows how long it may last or when we might have another one of these sunny, hot summers again! 🙂