Detoxing during the holidays – a simple and healthy idea

Good morning everyone and a wonderful 2nd day of Christmas to all of you!

I woke up this morning happy, but heavy. It is the wonderful Christmas time, we have given and received beautiful gifts and we have hopefully found time to share some precious hours with our loved ones.

These rare moments when we all come together in these days include a lot of delicious food – which is perfectly fine since eating is a social thing and brings people together. The heavier food and the larger quantities though are quite a burden for our digestive system. On this blog and the former one (link is on the “HOME” page) you will find some articles about detoxing.

Today I would just like to present you with one very simple thing you can do right away in the morning on any day of the year in order to help your system with its detoxification, promote health, avoid colds and give your digestion a push. Not only in the Ayurvedic system is it most vital how you start your day. Your “morning routine” is essential for your overall health. The following tip is simple, tasty and prepares your road for an alkaline nutrition.

Simply drink warm water with lime juice!

Squeeze 1/2 to 1 lemon in a 0,5 glass, and fill it up with previously boiled water that you have allowed to cool off to room, resp. body temperature.  If you like, add some ginger and if you really want to go for it some chili powder (the latter is a tough one though!). The drink eliminates bacteria and promotes our auto-immune system. Your body hydrates very efficiently after the night, your digestion comes to life and the alkaline lemon acid as well as the spicy chili initiate detoxification. There is no simpler way than this.

Remember that lemon (opposite to what they may seem) has an alkaline effect in your body! As lemon naturally promotes urine and thus the secretion of toxins plus comes with a full load of Vitamin C it does something for our beauty as well in helping to clear the skin and reduce wrinkles.

You see, nothing more efficient in an overall way than your simple warm lime water!