Healthy Snake Gourd – not exclusive Ayurvedic

Dear readers,

just something quick in between based on my today’s lunch.

Lately I seriously fell in love with snake gourd. I tend to regularly eat pumpkin anyway in order to add that little sweetness to my plates, which helps to avoid cravings for sweets and thus balancing salty or sour dishes. Snake gourd is a completely different member of the pumpkin family, though.

On contrary to our beloved Hokkaido pumpkin, which during this time of the year is totally in “fashion”, snake gourd has an extremely light texture and tastes a bit like cucumber. It has nothing heavy or fatty about it, which makes it an excellent food for weight loss. Apart from the fact that it has many positive properties such as cooling effects, which makes it a valuable Pitta pacifying food (to cast just a quick glance on the Ayurvedic aspect), it calms the stomach and is used to treat general weakness. It contains calcium, phosphorus and iron in higher percentage. In natural medicines it is used for treating a wide range of conditions such as dandruff, heart disorder, diabetes or even jaundice.  Being a good detox agent, and rich in water and fiber, it makes digestion easy warding off constipation with ease. Avoid consuming excess snake gourd seeds as it can cause indigestion and gastric discomfort.

It is quite difficult to find other than Indian or Ayurvedic recipes on the internet using snake gourd, but I can assure you, you can do far more with it than just curries.

Think “cucumber”….make a joghurt-snake gourd soup (remember: joghurt is heating, not cooling!), a Raita sauce with snake gourd, or just steam or panfry it lightly in olive oil to make it a healthy condiment to your fish or meat dish. You might even want to experiment with salads, it tastes excellent in combination with fresh mint, coriander and cumin.

No limits! 🙂 Bon appetit….



And another smoothie

And here is yet another smoothie, which I enjoyed after my super sweaty nearly Bikram style class of Les Mills Body Balance:

A mix of frozen berries, some baby spinach, coconut mousse (my latest discovery! Healthy, adds sweetness to any dish, and tastes fantastic), moringa leaf powder and 2 scoops of black sesame powder.