Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!

Actually, it is not totally new, it is just a new set-up. I have been blogging about nutrition, health, Ayurveda and fitness since quite a while. To see my earlier articles just click on “EARLIER ARTICLES” and you will be taken there. Don’t miss a visit to my old blog, you will find some valuable information, tasty recipes and a lot more there.






That’s me, just so you know who you’re dealing with here :).



I am passionately in love with everything that concerns the right way of nurturing our bodies in the right way and exercising in an appropriate way, which corresponds to each individual’s body condition. Food – apart from hopefully being enjoyable through taste and appearance – is supposed to give the exactly right dose of energy to our bodies in order to fulfill our duties, enjoy life, be awake and alert and feel perfect in our outer shell. This does not mean that I am an ascetic, by far not, I love my cheese, butter and red wine. And even fries. Yes, one of my vices. But in between the cheese and the wine and the whatnot it is important to cleanse and nourish our bodies in the right way. It is vital to eat the appropriate amounts of our main groups carbs, protein and fat and give our bodies just the right dosage of veggies and fruits.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a sports maniac. If I don’t get to exercise in some way everyday, even if it is for a mere 30 minutes only, I don’t feel totally fulfilled. So, you don’t have to take me as an example. Same as with food: it is the correct amount that keeps your body in shape and makes you feel just great and bursting with energy.

How to accomplish all of this? Just start clicking through my blog and through my earlier contributions and you will find out!

Your comments are valued and welcome any time.

Enjoy and visit back often!!




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